Faucet Crypto - Review

Earn coins on Faucet Crypto with faucet, clicks, offers and reward system


Faucetcrypto is much more than just a faucet. The site offers many ways to earn coins, the value of which is expressed in BTC. The service offers a direct withdrawal of earned funds to your crypto wallet. 
The following features are offered for earning: faucet, clicks and offers. There is an affiliate program. Advertising services are also offered in the PTC section.


As stated in the introduction, you can earn coins which can then be converted into BTC and many other altcoins.
The amount of the reward depends on the fluctuations in the bitcoin exchange rate. To make money easily and effortlessly, you can use the faucet every 30 minutes.



Classic style paid-to-click ads are another way to make quick money when you view ads for a short time and get paid.



Another way to earn more coins.
Offers are unlocked when your level reaches 20.


Level system

Thanks to the tier system, the more you use the website, the greater the reward for completing tasks and the greater the maximum amount for withdrawal per day.
Each completed task gives you a certain amount of experience points. These points will allow you to level up and increase your reward multiplier.

Points for the task: 10 experience points.

Points for the referral task: 1 experience point.

Level Bonus: 0.125%.

You can reach any number of levels, your level multipliers are unlimited! Also, there is nothing on the project that would make you lose experience points.

Leveling up is quite simple and is due to the fact that you are more and more active in the "EARN COINS" section.


Fixed Challenges

These are challenges that are most similar to achievements. They can only be completed once and do not reset.

Rotative Challenges

These challenges appear at random and have a time limit until they get claimed.

Special Challenges

These are the challenges which do not fit into the above categories or are challenges from special events!



In the process of working on the project, you can get some items that you can later use or sell on the market.

For example, Multiplier Potion will give you a reward multiplier boost of 15%. This item has a duration of 18 minutes.


In this section you can sell or buy items from other players for the price you set.



There is a basic affiliate program where you earn 20% of your referrals' earnings. There is no limit on the number of people you can refer.



You can withdraw your earnings directly to your wallet address.
At the time of writing this review, 17 cryptocurrencies are supported.

Part of my payouts from FaucetCrypto (proof):


The nice thing is that the site offers us the opportunity to exchange our coins for many other altcoins besides bitcoins.


A very beautiful design, many ways to earn money, many coins to use and the uniqueness of Faucetcrypto make it a promising site that has already received a lot of attention.
They currently have over 2,000,000 members and have made over 6,000,000 payments.
Join today and make this site a staple in your list of faucets and sites.

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