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This article is recommended to anyone who wants to make money on PTC sites or has recently started.


PTC (Paid To Click) 

Are projects where users are rewarded for clicking links on advertised sites. It is also a platform where advertisers promote their sites. In the majority, these are the same users as you and me who advertise their ref links. Essentially, PTC sites are where advertisers and users meet. Advertisers pay to place ads on PTC, and users pay money for execution.

Terms in the modern PTC industry.

Rented Referrals (RR) - rented referrals from the system. On the vast majority of PTC sites, these are system bots programmed by the Bux Administrator.

Recycle - replacement of inactive or unprofitable rented referrals

Autopay is a function of auto-renewal of a rented referral. It works as soon as the referral makes at least one click, thereby extending himself for one day. For auto-renewal, the system deducts a certain cost from your balance (usually the balance of purchases). As a rule, this is the cost of renting an RR per day with a certain discount. Autopay is beneficial when there is no money for a long-term extension of your Rented Referrals. On most PTC sites, this discount is 10-15%.

The maximum profit can be obtained when auto-renewal is turned off due to manual renewals for maximum periods, the longer you renew, the greater the discount.

For example, a screenshot of discounts from Optimalbux depending on the renewal period.

I want to note that autopay is not profitable everywhere. Therefore, I recommend paying attention to the forum on PTC sites (if there is one), where users share information, and RR is usually the most "painful" topic.

Direct Referrals (DR) - your personal referrals who signed up using your referral link. They are never redundant, although you can earn money with rent without them. The exception is Neobux, where you won't earn anything significant without active directs.
From Directs refs you receive income depending on the status of your account (upgrade)

Upgrade - account status with its own benefits and capabilities. As a rule, higher status has more advantages than lower status. And this is pay for DR clicks, for RR clicks, commissions from DR purchases, the maximum payout limit, the time interval between a payout request. In general, it is clear that the higher the upgrade, the more goodies))

Working with rented referrals.

We can say that the competent management of your RR is the key to success in making a profit!

To control the work of rented referrals, such definitions as AVG and BEP are used.

AVG(average) is an indicator of the average number of clicks your referrals make per day.

BEP (break even point) - the minimum click rate of your rented referrals, at which they will not be unprofitable.

Now let's calculate the BEP for the Standard account with the conditional cost of rent and pay per click of the rented referral.

BEP for a Standard is calculated using the following formula: (A/C)/B
A = Monthly rent($0.20)
B = Lease term (30 days by default)
C = Pay Per Click RR($0.001)

we get

If the rented referral has an AVG lower than BEP, in our case it is 6.66, then this referral is unprofitable. It needs to be recycled (replaced) or not renewed and drained.
Personally, I have never dealt with draining.

Now, using a specific example, we will calculate the self-sufficiency of Gold upgrades on the OptimalBux project (excluding direct referrals)

We calculate according to the formula:
A - the cost of renting a referral per month
B - rental period (usually 30 days)
С – cost per click RR
D - number of referrals
E - earnings of one RR in 30 days
F - profit from one RR for 30 days.
H - upgrade cost
P – number of referral clicks per day (AVG)
We have: A=$0.20, B=30, C=$0.001, H=$10, P=7.5
We get: D=10/0.025=400

This means that you need to have at least 400 rented referrals to pay off the Gold upgrade.
This number of RRs is valid provided that the average AVG is at least 7.5
To calculate, subject to the extension of referrals, you need to take into account % of the discount.

Note, especially for newbies:

Any kind of investment in the Internet is a big risk. Don't invest all your money in one project!
It is better to get $1 from 10 sites than $10 from one.
If you are a “complete zero” in this type of income, do not invest money until you understand how this business works.


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