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 Hungry For Hits

One Of The Best Traffic Exchanges

Due to the rotten situation in the PTC industry, in the spring of 2021 I decided to master traffic exchange - this is a new direction for me in the field of earning and advertising online.

Like many others, I successfully started with EasyHits4U. Later I decided to add something else and chose Hungry For Hits. I think that I have studied this project thoroughly, except for a couple of points. So now I share my own observations and some tips.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that now there are a lot of similar programs in my portfolio and the essence of working on them is mostly similar. So let's go.

Hungry For Hits banner

Hungry for Hits was created in 2016 by a very experienced TE surfer from Sweden

Klara Schmidtz.

Very competent Admin, interesting girl and just a good person with a sense of humor. 

 Registration on the project is standard with email confirmation.

Recommended to use Gmail!

Beginning of work

Add a link to advertise in the surf

The main feature of traffic exchanges is that in order to start surfing, you first need to add your link(s) to an advertisement in the surfing category

If you do not add advertising to surfing, then the system will simply not let you go to the surf page, constantly directing you to the page for adding links.

As links, you can use links to your sites/blogs or referral/affiliate links to any other projects.

  1. Add links along the path Advertising→My Ads→Websites
  2. Set auto assignment of credits Advertising→My Ads→Auto Assign


In order for your links to appear in different ad categories, you need ad credits. Of course you can buy them. But the most correct solution is to surf, in which credits will be awarded for viewing advertised sites.

Earn credits and money

Click on the Surf tab and let's go 😉

Surfing is very comfortable. All actions take place in one tab (no need to open / close anything) and the window is NOT active, which allows you to simultaneously engage in some kind of activity on other sites.

View timer depends on the status of your account.

All views are confirmed by a simple captcha in the form of icons (screen below):

Prizes while surfing


After every 100 sites visited, a prize page with a sandwich will appear:

Click on the sandwich and continue surfing. The next page will open with a picture selection box:

Prizes are different - advertising consumables (credits, banner / text impressions), money for the balance of purchases (Piggy bank cash)
or money to the main balance (Commissions Cash)

Collections of letters and food icons

Periodically, the following prize page with an advertising spotlight will appear in the surf:

Click on Claim - the result will open:

For each complete word, you get reward credits, and for each collection of food icons, you get 3 cents and 50 banner and text impressions. Each collection contains 10 icons of different categories of food.

This prize is collected during the viewing of 2000 sites, so I do NOT recommend skipping it! For 2000 you can collect more than one collection.

Flying food

While surfing, regardless of the number of sites viewed, food flying out from below appears). I call these prizes “flyers”)).

First, a black rectangle appears with the name of the bonus, and then some kind of food flies out. You need to have time to click on the “flyer”.

Prizes in three categories - money for the main balance (Cash), money for purchases (Piggy bank) and advertising consumables (credits, etc.)

Pick a Snack

Also, sometimes such a prize page with three pictures of food is shown:

Click on any and win a guaranteed prize. Prizes are different - money, advertising consumables and a surf rate booster.

Other prizes that we receive as an activity bonus

Promo Codes

Every day on the main page you will find the current promo code:

Then go to the promo code activation page in the Rewards section
on the path Rewards→Promo Codes, insert into the field of promotional codes and activate by clicking on the Add button:

Every day, promo codes change immediately after the server reset.
As a rule, each day of the week has its own prize, including money

Team Surfing

This is a weekly battle among teams, each of which has no more than 10 participants.

From each participant for 25 viewed sites, 1 point is credited to the team. The more of them from all, the higher the place, respectively, and the prize is greater.

Incorrect clicks do not count, this is when you click on the wrong picture in the captcha. Good surfers are in great demand here, so I recommend not to be lazy and you will definitely be noticed by the captain of some team.


This is a separate project by Klara and her business partner, for which I will create a separate material or add it here later.

Now I will tell you how I and many surfers use FoodGame.

Linking your Hungry For Hits account to your FoodGame account. This is done simply.

Take your Ref-ID (numbers at the end of your HungryForHits referral link)

In FoodGame, go to the Participating Sites section, find Hungry For Hits there and in the “Your Affiliate Id:” field, paste your Ref-ID copied from Hungry, then confirm by clicking on the Update Referral Ids button at the bottom of the page.

While surfing every 25 sites, a chef's hat icon will be shown in the surfbar:

After clicking on which you will be credited with some kind of prize on FoodGame, including the internal currency “Gold”, we will need it to purchase / renew upgrades on many TE sites, in our case, in Hungry For Hits.

We sell other prizes in the form of vouchers and ingredients for Gold on the internal Marketplace.

This is a great opportunity to buy/renew upgrades without investing your own funds from outside!

First of all, aim to cash in for your first 30 day Gold upgrade.


Payments are made on Fridays once every two weeks.
Minimum $10
Payment systems:
Wise, Uphold, Coinbase, Bitcoin, Litecoin, TE Token Waves.

The coolest is, of course, Wise, but due to the lack of foreign countries. passport or driver's license I could not pass verification.
Therefore, I took the LTC address in my Payeer and inserted it into the payment settings in my Hungry For Hits account
Klara pays without problems and other difficulties.

Received LTCs are instantly exchanged for dollars or rubles in Payeer itself.

My financial statistics for the entire time (from May 2021 to January 2022) of participation in the project:

In my opinion, without investments, this is an excellent result for one project!

So, friends, I invite you without remorse:


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